Five Key Features to Expect With a Reliable Hosting Service

Five Key Features to Expect With a Reliable Hosting Service
By Sam J Loeb

If searching for a reliable website hosting company it is important to research the different types of plans available to make sure it is able to match you particular requirements. Entry or shaded hosting plans are often quite cost-effective, while the more expressive options, such as the dedicated or VPS hosting plans, offer impressive features, but can be costly.

Here are some of the key considerations that might need to be evaluated before agreeing to sign-up to a particular hosting service –

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Disk Space: The available disk space is an important consideration when it comes to deciding on the services of a hosting provider. Disk space relates to the total space set aside on the server for your particular website (files, folders, images, etc). It often helps to search for a hosting plan which is able to offer more disk space than you will actually need as this ensures space is available for a site to expand in the future.

Customer Service: An unexpected hosting problem is often difficult to self-resolve and it is vital to use a service provider which is known to offer responsive customer service. It helps to look for a range of support options, which might consist of email, phone, and chat. Online documentation is also desirable.

Uptime: A key feature to search for is the uptime a host provider claims to offer. Many of the hosting companies typically state a 99.9% uptime, although it is fact that all servers will go down at one point or another irrespective of what might be claimed. It might help to see what a host might offer in the event of potential downtime. For instance, some companies might offer a certain percent reduction for future month hosting fees.

Extra Services: Most of the hosting companies offer a range of extra services to their customers beyond the standard hosting package. Extra features to look out for include the ability to buy domain names, quick and easy website builders, impressive analytics tools, content management, and much more. Even thought many of these extras can be quite beneficial, they should really be looked at as bonus items rather than essential services to make you choose a particular host.

Cost: Although price is an important factor, it shouldn’t be seen as the main determining factor when it comes to choosing a hosting providing. If starting out it is often possible to start with a low-cost shared hosting plan and update in the future if the needs require.

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