Small Business Web Hosting: How to Find a Reliable Host

Small Business Web Hosting: How to Find a Reliable Host
By Larissa Vinci

The first thing that you have to do in order to build a website for your company is to find a place to have it hosted. This should not present any major challenges since there are lots of companies that will do it. There is however a pretty big difference in quality from one hosting company to another so you do have to be able to identify which are the reliable ones.

One of the best ways to tell if a hosting company is reliable is to look at how long they have been in business. Companies that do not provide reliable service usually find that they lose all of their customers and go out of business pretty quickly. A company that has been in business is by no means guaranteed to be reliable but it is a pretty good sign.

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When you are looking at how long the company that you are dealing with has been in business it is important to make sure that they are the ones who will actually be hosting your site. There are a lot of hosting companies that are actually just resellers of hosting. That means they are basically just selling hosting that is offered by somebody else. The problem with dealing with these companies is that you really have no idea who is actually hosting your site. You will also have problems if you need to contact them because you have a problem since you will need to go through a middleman. It is best to avoid dealing with resellers and stick to companies that do the hosting themselves.

Another important thing to look at when you are choosing a hosting company is the quality of their customer service. While your goal needs to be to find a reliable host you do have to realize that even the more reliable ones will still encounter problems from time to time. It is important that there be a customer service representative there twenty four hours a day so that any problems can be fixed. You really can’t afford to have your site down while you wait for somebody who can fix the problem to show up.

One other warning sign that you should look for when you are choosing a web host is a company that puts too many sites on the same server. In order to save money a lot of the low cost hosts will try to cram as many sites as they can on to a server. There is nothing wrong with using a shared server but it does become a problem if you have too many of them all on one. The quality hosting companies will limit the number of sites that are sharing the server so that this won’t be a problem.

Discount web hosting can be a great way to get your company online. It provides you with a low cost option for building a website. It is however important that you choose a quality provider for your small business web hosting.

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